Hammer Sails makes Hi-tech sailing duffel bags from strong lightweight Mylar/Kevlar sailcloth.

Sailors, and non sailors, will appreciate the lightweight sturdy hand made sailing gear produced by Hammer sails, owned by Micky Todd, long time sailboat racer and sailmaker.

Hammer Sails uses durable sail materials to create other innovative products Kevlar Mylar Sailcloth Duffel Bags in Five Sizes

Our Kevlar Holdalls are available in five sizes ranging from the "Baby" to the "Live-In".
All share the same rugged design features and constructed from either Kevlar or Mylar sail cloth.

  • Strong Stainless Zip
  • Top Quality webbing handles
  • Reinforced where necessary
  • Bags also available in Blue
Size Length Base Cost €
Baby XS 0.51 0.23 70.00  
Day S 0.66 0.23 80.00  
Weekender M 0.76 0.3 90.00  
Regatta L 0.76 0.3 100.00  
Live-In XL 0.92 0.33 120.00